DIY: Fix Dents and Scratches on Cars.

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Receiving minor dents and scratches on a car is communal, but they are hard to close your eyes to. Some owners don’t care and keep driving with them, but even a small scrape can look exceptionally horrible. The good news is these teething troubles don’t always require expert attention. You can fix dents and scratches on cars by following some easy procedures.


How frequent: Every time you get a scratch or dent and want to get rid of it.

Prerequisites: There are several ways to do dent and scratch renovation. Every so often, you can use simple home remedies such as candle wax or super glue!

Duration: 20-30 minutes

Get rid of a Shallow Scratch with Sandpaper

It will be appropriate only for skin-deep cuts. Run your fingertip over the scratch and continue to the next step only if does not catch the fingernail. Clean the area and start rubbing with a 2000-grit wet sandpaper. Give breaks for a pair of minutes and sprinkle water on the place. Put on a rubbing compound when the abrasion is almost undistinguishable.

Candle Wax as a Momentary Solution

If it’s a light nick on the surface painting and you have nobody else within your reach apart from for some candle wax, use it. On the other hand, keep in thoughts that it’s not a long-term way out, just a fix for crises. Clean the spoiled area and then rub the wax lightly on it. It will cover up and seal the scratch. Super glue can be one more temporary fix. It mergers with the nearby surface and by this means makes the broken part look similar to the rest of the area.

Have a Plunger for a Large Dent

It will do the job if the hollow space does not have any crease or hole. You can use a bathroom plunger or buy a car dent plunger to do the task. Put its head on the affected area and pop the dent out. You may need to make several efforts to level the spot out with the surroundings.

Hit from the Back with a Hammer or Mallet

Apply these tools only if you have contact to the back of the dent. The sledgehammer will work if the hollow is large while the hammer is perfect for mending small dents. Tap moderately to push the cavity back to the previous position. Check regularly to make sure you are not thrashing it out of shape

Possibility of a Dent Puller for a Big Damage

If the dent is horrible, buy this tool from a shop- online from Though, it will require you to drill a tiny hole into the dent. So, don’t use this gadget if you are a total unprofessional. You have to insert the puller wire into the hole and then pull the depressed part back to the surface level. Finish the job by filling up the hole and then sanding and painting.

Please note: The tricks talked about above show that you don’t need to be an expert to fix dents and scratches on cars. On the other hand, don’t try in your household if it’s a deep graze or a huge cut because you may ruin the curb appeal in that case.

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