What You Need To Know About Changing Oil And Oil Filter

Know how to change your car's oil and oil filter with YoMechanic.

How Often: 3 Months / 4500-8000 Kms.

Tools: Oil Filter Wrench Set, Oil Catch / Recycler Container, Funnel, New Oil Filter (Get compatible Oil Filter at AutoKartz.com), Amount and type of new oil (specified in the car owner’s service manual), Clean Rags, Ramps, Chucks, Safety Glass, Work Gloves, Hand Cleaner.

Duration: 30 mins.

DIY Steps: Follow the steps below to change your car’s oil & oil filter.
Step 1

Start your Engine.

Before replacing the oil filter you need to get the filters and oil right. Since warm oil drains faster than cold oil, you must run your engine for a few minutes. It is advisable not to get your engine up to its full operating temperature because the oil will be way too hot to drain out safely.

Step 2

Drive your car onto two ramps.

Apply the parking brake. Switch off the ignition. Place the chucks behind the wheels for safety. Put on your safety glasses and working gloves. As safety is the number one priority.

Step 3

Locate the oil drain plug and place the oil pan just below it.

Consult your car service manual for helping in locating the oil drain plug, and do remember that the oil will drain out in an angle into the pan. Loosen the oil plug with a socket wrench.

Step 4

Unscrew the plug by hand.

While unscrewing the plug, push the plug back  towards the pan to keep oil from rushing out until you are ready to remove the plug from the hole. Be careful – the oil maybe hot.

Step 5

Drain the old oil.

Check the service manual to find the location of the filter cap on top of your engine under the hood. Removing it makes the draining process faster because the air will enter from the top.

Step 6

Replace oil plug.

Once all the old oil is drained out, replace and tighten the oil plug by hand, making sure the plug is not cross-threaded. After the plug is hand-tight, secure it with the wrench. If indicated in the car owner’s service manual, use a new drain plug gasket. It is advised that the plug must not be over tighten.

Step 7

Remove the existing oil filter.

After you drain out the oil from the filter, the oil filter still remains hot oil in it. Position the oil pan under the oil filter, then carefully use the oil filter wrench to remove the old oil filter. Use a rag to clean the mounting surface on the engine, and make sure the gasket from the oil filter is not stuck to it.

Step 8

Lubricate the new filter and screw into place by hand.

Before you install new oil filter (Get Oil Filter online from AutoKartz.com), lightly coat its rubber seal with fresh oil.  Check to make sure the seal is properly seated in filter, then screw on the filter by hand. It’s usually not necessary to tighten the oil filter with the wrench, but check the filter’s instructions  to be sure.

Step 9

Add new oil.

Use a clean funnel while adding new oil into the filter. Make sure to add the specified amount and type of oil specified for your vehicle. Some oil may not be drained out, and you don’t want to overfill it. When you have completed adding the specified amount of oil, do not forget to replace the cap.

Step 10

Run the engines and look for leaks.

After you run the engine for a few minutes, check the area around the oil drain plug and the filters for leaks. If you see a leak, turn down the ignition and fix the leak.  If you see no leaks, turn down the engine and let it rest some minutes to give the oil time to drain down.

Step 11

Check the oil level.

Remove the dipstick, wipe it off and replace it. Then remove it again to see if it’s upto the full mark. If it’s not full, add the balance of the oil shown in the owner’s service manual. Finish up by removing the chucks and backing off the ramps.

Step 12

Dispose the old oil and oil filter properly.

Take both to either an authorized used engine oil drop-off center or recycling center to recycle the old oil for you.

Some useful YoMechanic Tips:
  • Always wear a gloves to ensure safety and stay clean.
  • After you change your oil, record the date and mileage, so you’ll know when your vehicle is due for another oil change.
  • Always carry the owner’s car manual to help you understan your vehicle.
  • Use genuine and compatible Oil filter for your car for better performance. You can buy it online from AutoKartz.com – the best place to get all car parts online at affordable price.


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