Mahindra Marazzo Dashboard Revealed


At the name reveal of their upcoming MPV, promised to tease us every now and then with features and details. They’re doing just as they promised, as the Facebook page of the Mahindra Marazzo has recently posted an image of the dashboard of the MPV.

There’s nothing out of the box here, and by Mahindra standards, it can be called ‘sober’. There are a few interesting elements though – such as the massive slab of piano black, and the white graphics that fade in towards the central touchscreen. Speaking of which, that screen looks new and we spot the icon for Android Auto too. Below the touchscreen sits the interface for the air-conditioning, which we assume will be automatic. There is a gamut of buttons between the dials for the temperature and the fan speed that’s blocked by the gear lever.

The other highlight is the instrument cluster, which was revealed last week. We know it will feature a prominent screen sandwiched between the tacho and speedometer. Expect it to display parameters such as time, distance to empty and trip distance over the usual odometer and fuel level. The steering appears to be quite busy and features a total of four toggle switches which we assume are for volume, track selection, cruise control speed and the MID respectively.

We already know that the will be offered in a 7- and 8-seater configuration. Mahindra has already spilt the beans on the roof-mounted ‘surround-cool’ AC vents, and the fact that the MPV will feature leatherette upholstery.

Expect more teasers to follow as Mahindra builds up to the launch slated for next month. We’re expecting the Marazzo to be priced at a premium compared to the; starting at Rs 9.99 lakh and topping out at around Rs 14 lakh.

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